Сервис доставки запчастей на иномарки №1 в Казахстане. Успешно работаем и развиваемся с 2008 года.


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Дата: 2018-08-30
Всех Казахстанцев с праздником дня конституции от коллектива Rulim.kz!
Дата: 2018-06-12
Увеличение эффективности ответов менеджеров-консультантов с помощью обратного звонка.
Дата: 2018-06-07
Праздничные дни в России 10,11,12 июня
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Information for Suppliers

For Suppliers
Attn.: Suppliers and manufacturers of auto parts and accessories
Dear Sirs!
The Internet-Shop Rulim.kz is seeking the co-operation with you!


Our company is in business since 2003, is the one of the leaders on Kazahstan market of auto parts for automotive vehicles of European, Asian and Japanese manufacturers, is also interested in expanding its partnership.
We offer to our customers informative online catalogues for searching spare parts, a totally automated system of order processing.


Our logistic service is able to deliver ordered spare parts promptly to our customers in any point of Kazahstan (by air, truck and rail). More than 70% of our customers are wholesalers, insurance companies and regional car workshops.


We regard our partnership with suppliers and manufacturers as one of the main goals for the further development of our company. We understand the interest of suppliers in long-term co-operation, so we are ready to provide all the necessary conditions for that:
Unique statistic and analytic data about Russian market of spare parts (five years of gathering data and own analytic service).


We are able to adjust price and offer policy operatively.


Our Internet-Shop and sales outlets have good advertising and marketing possibilities.


We are interested in all the proposals about the partnership. Regarding our line of business we would prefer suppliers who can offer the following:
  • Wide range of original and non-original auto parts (starting from 1000 items) ex stock in Kazahstan;
  • Regular notifying on new stock items and stock inventory;
  • Minimal delivery times;
  • Flexible price policy.


For additional information please contact: 
E-mail: info@rulim.kz
Tel.: 8 (7182) 32-96-44


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